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  • 阿特曼新生儿重症监护病房的阿克伦儿童

  • 圣约瑟夫·沃伦医院内的阿克伦儿童医院

  • 灯塔儿童医院

  • 卡尔基金会医院

  • 夏洛特·马克斯·约翰内斯堡学术医院 

  • 雪松西奈医疗中心

  • 都柏林卫理公会

  • 埃默里·迪凯特(Emory Decatur)

  • HCA清除湖

  • 亨伯河医院

  • 伊诺瓦费尔奥克斯医院

  • 伊诺瓦劳登医院

  • 卡皮欧拉尼妇女儿童医疗中心

  • 赫尔曼纪念城纪念医疗中心 

  • 慈悲圣路易斯/慈悲孩子

  • 蒙茅斯医疗中心

  • 彩虹儿童医院

  • 玫瑰医疗中心

  • 圣路加广场​

  • 塞勒姆健康

  • 桑福德美元医疗中心

  • 圣克拉拉谷医疗中心

  • SCL卫生圣玛丽医院

  • 南部地区医院

  • 圣路加浸信会

  • 圣玛丽医疗中心

  • 圣文森特医疗保健

  • 瑞典美国医院 

  • 三星百年医疗中心 

  • UCHealth-Poudre Valley医院

  • UPMC顶峰 

  • 阿肯色大学医学院

  • 佛蒙特大学医学中心

  • 弗吉尼亚大学儿童医院

  • 妇女医院

  • Riverbend的PeaceHealth圣心医疗中心

How does this multi-site NICU read-a-thon work?

A NICU read-a-thon is a friendly reading competition between NICUs. Our read-a-thon’s goals are to encourage family reading, support infants and families, and build NICU morale. Hospitals will compete with each-other for the greatest family engagement and the winning hospitals will receive prizes.

Our BWB team will provide all participating NICUs with a process guide detailing how to organize a read-a-thon, providing reading tracking sheets/raffle tickets, family and healthcare provider information sheets, bookmarks, prize suggestions and more! 

Learn more about how reading aloud with babies beginning in the NICU supports infant brain development, promotes family bonding, and reduces stress here.  


Already have books in your NICU? Fabulous! 

Don’t have books in your NICU and want to participate?  You still can! Scroll down.


How can my NICU join and implement the read-a-thon?

Once you register to receive the process guide below, we will send you detailed information on organizing and implementing your read-a-thon including templates for staff and family education, reading tracking sheets, raffle tickets, bookmarks, prize basket ideas, sourcing info, and more! You can use these resources to organize a read-a-thon that best serves your NICU family and healthcare provider population.


Read-a-thon Timeline

Read-a-thon Dates:  Monday, September 14th - Thursday, September 24th, 2020 

NICU Reading Tracking Sheet Submission:  Friday, September 25th - Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

NICU Winners announced: Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 11:30 AM PST


What should I do once I register?

Once registered, identify how you will provide books to your NICU. If you have books in your NICU, fabulous! If you don’t have books, there are many ways your NICU can get books - see below.


How can I get books for my NICU?

Our process guide will give you access to free, downloadable children's books for your NICU. These can be used to supplement or replace purchased books to meet your hospital's needs.

Quotes from NICU families and healthcare providers:

  • “Reading to my NICU baby never crossed my mind before BWB came to our room” - NICU Family

  • Asa bilingual family, being able to read books in Spanish and English to my baby was incredible. To this day, he loves to snuggle in for a story. At 2 years old, he is still choosing books he received from the NICU.” - NICU Family

  • “NICU Reading has encouraged families to be an active part of their child's care.” - NICU Nurse

  • “What a great idea to use the fun of reading to children and bring it into the NICU so parents can start reading during this important time of growing.” - NICU Nurse

  • “Reading in the NICU gives families a way to help their baby and have a positive, "parent-like" NICU experience.” - NICU Nurse


Our BWB team is available to support your work and answer questions along the way! Email us at

To learn more about BWB and NICU reading, see our poster on our NICU reading program from the Vermont Oxford Network Annual Quality Congress

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